Changing the Requester on Requisitions

This guide will cover:

  • Reassigning all your requisitions to another user to allow other individual to manage remainder of procure to pay process. This will only change requisitions that are still in an open status.



This process moves all requisitions from one requester to another. There is no way to move only select requisitions. Thus, this process should only be used in the event a person is leaving UW or moving to another department and all their requisitions should be moved to another individual. Changes should only be made after the employee has created their last Requisition.


Step One

Navigate to the Procurement area of WyoCloud from WyoWeb

  • From the WyoCloud homepage, click on the Navigator (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

  • First click Procurement to expand (you may have to scroll down within the navigator), then click Purchase Requisitions.

  • The Purchase Requisition page will display.

  • Select More Tasks then Update Preparer and Requester.


Step Two

Run process to update requester on all your requisitions.

  • From the Update Preparer and Requester screen, click Submit New Process in the upper right corner.

  • In the pop up window, add the person you’d like to replace you on all requisitions in the Replacement field. 

    • Note: You must type in the person’s name in the format last name, first name.

  • NOTE: Restart Approval Task After Submission should remain at the defaulted No.

  • Click Submit to begin reassignment process.

  • A confirmation will appear, click OK.

  • The process will now show on the Update Preparer and Requester screen.

  • You may click on the square icon under View Output to download a PDF listing of all requisitions and purchase orders moved.

  • Click Done to exit this screen.

  • The user you reassigned to will now show all your requisitions and purchase orders listed under their name upon logging in, just the same as any they had initially submitted.


Note: The Procurement Office also has the option to change requesters on an individual Purchase Order basis, if the mass requester change function for Requisitions is not needed. Contact the Procurement Office for assistance.


You have now completed updating requester for requisitions.

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