Monitoring the Procure-to-Pay Process within WyoCloud (Requisition/PO Status)

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The Procure- to-Pay process allows users to check on the life cycle status of Requisitions and Purchase Orders within WyoCloud.

The Procure to Pay Report for Requisitions and Purchase Orders QRG provides detailed instructions on how to run the report that aids in reviewing the life cycle/status of Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders.

The Procure to Pay Report for Requisitions and Purchase Orders should be reviewed periodically and is a helpful tool for monitoring the status of requisitions and purchase orders.



Step One

Navigating to the Procurement area of WyoCloud

  • From the WyoCloud homepage, click on the Navigator (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

  • First click Procurement to expand (you may have to scroll down within the navigator), then click Purchase Requisitions.

  • You will be brought to the Purchase Requisitions home page. Select Manage Requisitions from the upper right corner of the screen.


Step Two

Search for and explore your requisitions

  • From the Manage Requisitions page you can view all requisitions currently in WyoCloud. The Manage Requisitions page is formatted into two sections: Search (top) and Search Results (bottom). The page will default to displaying all requisitions you have access to viewing in the Search Results section. You may use the Search or Advanced Search to narrow the requisitions that display.

  • Within the Search Results section, you will note that there are several column headers. These headers provide detailed information regarding the requisitions. Columns may be hidden via Format.

Column Header




Displays the requisition number.

Yes. Clicking on the requisition number will route users to the Requisition Overview page.


A brief description of the item(s) contained within the requisition.


Entered By

Displays the user who entered and submitted the requisition.


Creation Date

The date on which the requisition was submitted.


Approval Amount

Total cost of the requisition.



Displays the current status of the requisition in the approval process.


This includes: Approved, Canceled, Incomplete, Pending Approval, Rejected, Returned, and Withdrawn.

Pending Approval only.

When a requisition is in Pending Approval status, you may click on it to view the current status of the requisition in the approval process. See Step Three for more detail.

Fund Status

Describes the status of the funds that are being charged for the requisition.


Not Reserved – Funds are not reserved as the requisition is still pending approval.

Reserved – The requisition has been approved, awaiting PO creation.

Liquidated – The requisition has passed approvals and has become a PO.



Order Status

Describes the status of the order. May be Open or Closed.



Will display the purchase order number, provided the requisition has passed approval and has a Liquidated fund status.

Yes. Selecting the hyperlinked PO number will route you to the Purchase Order overview page. See Step Four for more details.


Step Three

Requisitions engaged in the approval process will display a status of Pending Approval. You can view where the requisition is by clicking on the hyperlinked text

  • Under the Status column header, click on Pending Approval:

  • By selecting this option, you will be routed to the Approval page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the diagram and identify where the requisition is in the approval process and which individual it is currently awaiting approval from:

Step Four

After a requisition has passed its requisite approvals, you can use the Manage Requisitions page to locate the Purchase Order (“PO”) with which it is associated

  • From the Manage Requisitions page, identify a requisition line that has a Fund Status of Liquidated, and also has a hyperlinked purchase order number under the Order column.

  • By clicking on the hyperlinked PO number, you will be routed to the Purchase Order Overview page.

  • In the General section, you can find information such as Supplier, Ship-to Location and other pertinent order details.

  • Scrolling down the Terms, Notes and Attachments and Additional Information are added sections that carry purchase order information. 

  • You will also find a summary chart of the Order Lifecycle on the right hand side of the Purchase Order page. This shows a graphical representation of the Ordered, Received, Delivered, and Invoiced quantities.


Step Five

Locating the invoice number

  • To ensure your purchase order has been fully paid, you can locate the invoice number in WyoCloud. To begin, click on the Navigator, then under Procurement, select Purchase Orders. 

  • Open the Task menu on the righ-hand side of the screen and select Manage Orders.

  1. Enter your purchase order number in the Order field

  2. Remove your name from the Buyer field

  3. Change Include Closed Documents to Yes

  4. Click Search

  • Once you locate your desired purchase order, you can view its status two ways. First, you can simply hover your cursor over the image under the Life Cycle column, this will display order status information. The display may change based on the order’s Status:

  • Alternatively, you can click on the life cycle image to be routed to the Order Life Cycle page, which contains more detailed information regarding the purchase order's status.

  • The Order Life Cycle page will contain invoice information, if applicable. Scroll to the Invoice section and select the hyperlinked invoice number:

  • Selecting the invoice number will route you to the Invoice page. From here you can view detailed information surrounding the invoice including an attached image of the invoice.

  • After selecting the invoice select the Payments tab on the bottom half of the screen. The check number is located under the Number column. 



This concludes the Monitoring of the Procure-to-Pay process in WyoCloud.

If you have questions about this document or need further guidance, please contact Procurement & Payment Services.

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