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Requisitions & Purchase Orders (POs)

Catalog, Non-Catalog, Editing POs

Non-PO Invoices

Non-PO Invoice Editing and Resubmission, Non-PO Invoice Processing, Creating Non-PO Invoices from a Spreadsheet


Looking up Current Suppliers or Setting up New Suppliers, Manage Supplier Returns

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Pinned Article Foreign Wire Payments

Payments made by Foreign wire are handled outside the WyoCloud system. Please allow enough time for the payment as the process from the time Accounting receives the request to the funds being sent to the supplier can take 1 to 2 weeks.

Approvals Process for Financial Transactions in Detail

How to take Approval Process action on a transaction, including Approve, Edit Requisitions, Reject, Reassign, Request Information, and Adhoc Route. Tips on reading approvals notifications for financial transactions including expense reports, requisitions and non-PO invoices. ​​​​​​​

Process Credit Memos

How to process credit memos.