Processes specifically applying to Graduate Assistants (GAs) such as extending assignment and changing assignment. If a particular process does not have a GA specific guide in this category, all employee guide applies to GAs.

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Pinned Article Graduate Assistant Hire/Extension Process Guide

This guide should be your first stop for completing all hiring, extension and salary changes for Graduate Assistants.  In the following sections you will find common scenarios for Graduate Assistants relating to these topics.  Within each scenario is a high level summary of the steps needed to address that scenario including links to relevant Quick Reference Guides for full details on completing that step.

Extending a Graduate Assistant Using Manage Salary

This process covers situations in which a Graduate Assistant (GA) is hired for one period of time then is extended additional semester(s) and/or academic year(s).

Graduate Assistant Assignment Change

The steps to completing a Graduate Assistant (GA) assignment/position change. Position changes can be used when a GA is continuing within the same department but moving between types of GA appointments (GTA, GRA, GAA).

Graduate Assistant Hire Process

Full hire process for Graduate Assistants.