Graduate Assistant Hire/Extension Process Guide

This guide should be your first stop for completing all hiring, extension and salary changes for Graduate Assistants.  In the following sections you will find common scenarios for Graduate Assistants relating to these topics.  Within each scenario is a high level summary of the steps needed to address that scenario including links to relevant Quick Reference Guides for full details on completing that step.


This guide details the steps for completing this process using Decentralized Human Resources Representative (DHR) WyoCloud access.


New Graduate Assistant Hire

This applies to all first time Graduate Assistant hires as well as when a Graduate Assistant is being hired in a new department (for the first time or after a longer than one semester break in employment with that department).


Extending a Graduate Assistant’s Hire

This process applies to when a Graduate Assistant is extended for additional semesters and/or academic years within the same department.  If a GA is moving to a new department permanently or for more than one semester, it is required you terminate/end assignment of the GA from your department.  See Graduate Assistant Hire in another Department for One Semester/Summer process below for full details.

  • If the GA is changing type (between Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant or Graduate Administrative Assistant), first complete a position change.  If no assignment change is needed, skip to next step.
    • All of the following items will be updated as part of the position change transaction:
      • Change Position Number
      • Update Worker’s Compensation Code
      • Update the FTE (20 for full time GAs, 10 for part time GAs)
      • Update GA’s supervisor (if needed)
  • Update/Extend GA’s salary using Manage Salary.


Graduate Assistant Hire in another Department for One Semester/Summer

This process should be followed when another department (including one within the same college) hires a Graduate Assistant for a single semester/summer AND the initial department plans to rehire the next following semester.  This does not apply to any non-GA assignment a GA may apply for (ie: Hourly Non-Benefited Pooled Position).

  • Initial department should ensure the GA’s salary has an end date of the last day of the month of the final month of the semester the GA is working for them.  See steps 1-3 (screenshot 1) of the Extend Salary Quick Reference Guide for steps to view current salary.
  • Second (new) department completes a new hire of the GA for the semester/summer.
  • When the GA returns to the initial department, that department ensures salary is extended using process outlined above.
    • If the GA does NOT return to initial department, this department should terminate GA assignment in their department as soon as possible, ideally prior to the start of the next semester.
  • The second department completes termination of the GA assignment in their department at the end of the semester/summer working with them so only one GA assignment is active by the start of the next semester.
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