Graduate Assistant Hire Process

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This guide will cover: 

  • The full hire process for Graduate Assistants.





Graduate Assistant Hires submitted for the Fall and/or Academic year must follow the appropriate process:


  • Graduate Assistant Hires have a firm start date of August 27th, 2019.
  • Only NEW Graduate Assistant Hires MUST be submitted through HCM Recruiting to process the hire.  Please attach a completed Graduate Assistant Funding and Tuition and Fees Designation Form to each hire being completed. Requisitions will not be approved until a fully signed funding form is attached to the requisition.
  • For Fall 2019, Graduate Assistant Rehires will be processed through a GA Rehire process which should be coordinated through department business manager, cost center approvers, and/or Decentralized Human Resources.


The full guide to this process is located in the Recruiting and Onboarding section of the HCM Knowledge Base here.

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