Approve Hours via TimeClock Plus Dashboard

Check with your department for your link to access the TimeClock Plus web clock. Some departments require Wyo Login prior to accessing the main clock screen.


Access the Dashboard

  • In the Badge/ID Number field, enter your W number, substituting an 8 for the W (ie: 855555555).
  • Click Log into Dashboard.
    • Note: Some departments also require a PIN.

  • This brings you to the dashboard.  Your dashboard may appear different depending on the department in which you work.


Viewing Time Entered and Approving

  • From the dashboard, select View.
  • Then select Hours.

  • Here you will see all hours which have been recorded. Use the arrows in the upper left corner to navigate between periods.

  • To approve time, check the box in the Employee Review column (noted by an E and checkmark).
    • Note: If you would like to approve all time segments displayed at once, click on the E at the top of the column.

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