Approve Employee Hours via TimeClock Plus - Manager

This guide outlines the steps supervisors take to approve employee’s time as well as making adjustments to time due to missed punches.


Access the Manager Dashboard

  • Log into the TimeClock Plus Manager dashboard, located on WyoWeb under Faculty & Staff Resources.

  • This brings you to the dashboard.  Your dashboard may appear different depending on the department in which you work and/or any customizations you have made.


Viewing Individual Time Entered and Approving

These steps allow you to review and approve time for each of your employees individually.

  • From the dashboard, select Hours.
  • Then select Individual Hours.

  • From the Individual Hours page:
    1. Select the employee you would like to review/approve.
    2. Confirm the timeframe displayed is as desired.
    3. Review the individual time lines to confirm accuracy, then check the box in the Manager Approval column (M with a checkmark) to approve time. 
      • Note: To approve all hours currently displayed, click the M at the top of the column.


Viewing Group Time Entered and Approving

Time can also be reviewed and approved for all employees reporting to you instead of on an individual basis.

  • From the dashboard, select Hours.
  • Then select Group Hours.

  • The Group Hours page shows all time for all employees reporting to you.  It is divided in sections per employee.
  1. The filters at the top of the page can be used to adjust the timeframe displayed as well as filter to see a single employee, job code, etc.
  2. After reviewing time for accuracy, check the box in the Manager Approval column (M with checkmark) to approve time.
    • Note: To approve all hours displayed for a specific employee, click the M at the top of the column.


Editing Time

The following steps outline how to edit employee’s submitted time.  Circumstances where this could be needed include, when a punch (clock in/out) has been missed or to reflect a job code change.

  • Navigate to the Individual Hours page by clicking Hours then Individual Hours.
  • Locate the time record which requires editing.  Check the box to the far left of the line to select the line. The line can also be selected by double clicking anywhere within the line.
  • Click Manage.

  • From the Manage drop down, select Edit.

The Edit Segment pop up window will appear. 

  • Make the needed edits.  Be sure to check the appropriate box to indicate why the change was made as well as include a detailed note.
  • Click Save.

  • The change will be reflected on the line. 
  • An Y will appear in the edited column. To view the information typed in the notes field, click on the icon in the notes column.

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