Review TimeClock Plus Schedule Swaps/Drops

This guide outlines how to view your schedule from the employee dashboard as well as how to complete swaps and drops of shifts.

Check with your department for your link to access the TimeClock Plus web clock. Some departments require Wyo Login prior to accessing the main clock screen.



Access the Dashboard

  • In the Badge/ID Number field, enter your W number, substituting an 8 for the W (ie: 855555555).
  • Click Log on to Dashboard.
    • Note: Some departments also require a PIN.

  • This brings you to the dashboard.  Dashboard widgets may vary depending on the department in which you work.


Viewing Your Schedule

  • To access your schedule, click on View then Schedules.

  • On the View Schedules page you will see the current schedule period by default. Use the arrows under Navigate Period to see future and previous schedules.
  • You will see shift details listed on days you are scheduled to work.  Included in these details are the length of hte shift, the start and end time of the shift and the position in which you will be working.


Requesting Changes to Your Schedule via Swaps and Drops

There are three ways to make changes to your schedule; swaps, drops, and offers.

  • Swaps: Allow you to swap (trade) your shift with another employee’s shift.
  • Drops: Removes the shift from your schedule (after department approval) and makes it available for others to pick up from the Offters Shift Board.
  • Offers: Accepting (or claiming) an offer adds the shift(s) to your schedule.  Offers are co-worker drops or unfilled shifts the manager has added to the schedule.


From your schedule, right click on the shift you would like to swap.  From the drop down, click swap.

  • All available employees in which you are eligible to swap with will display, select who you’d like to swap with.
  • Click Next.

  • All shifts that are available for you to swap will appear, check the desired shift and click next.

  • A summary of the swap will appear.  If all appears correct, click Finish.

Prior to taking affect the swap must be approved in TimeClock Plus by the employee you are swapping with, then in some departments also by your supervisor.



From your schedule, right click on the shift you would like to swap.  From the drop down, click drop.

  • Some departments require a reason for dropping the shift after selecting drop. If your department requires this, you will be prompted to enter.

After selecting drop, you will see the shift now says Drop Pending.  This will appear until the department approves the drop, at which time the shift will disappear from your schedule.


Using the Shift Board

The shift board allows you to view shifts you’ve swapped and dropped along with their approval status.  You can also see any shifts available to you to pick up under Offers.

  • To navigate to any one of the three areas of the shift board, click View then Shift Board.
  • From there select Swaps, Drops or Offers based upon what you’d like to view.

Each Shift Board has filtering tools located at the top of the page.  These may need to be adjusted to view a wider range of options.

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