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Information Technology will be converting from Internet Native Banner to the new Administrative Pages. You will be able to access the Administrative Pages via WyoWeb at once it goes live. The Administrative Pages do not require Java, so you will not be required to use Internet Explorer or keep track of your Java version. The Administrative Pages work best in Firefox and Chrome.

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Hotkeys for Banner 8 vs. Banner 9

This table lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate through Banner versions 8 and 9.

Navigating the Top and Bottom of Pages

Navigation information for the top and bottom of the Banner 9 screen.

The Welcome Screen

Explanation and tips for the Banner 9 Welcome screen.

Navigation in a Form

How to move through Banner 9 pages.

Set Preferences in Banner 9

Set Your Preferences so you can see Column Header Records when you download to Excel and see the names of the screens on My Banner.

How to Customize Your Personal Menu

You can use My Banner to create shortcuts to screens you frequently use.


Comparison between SFAREGS in Banner 8 and Banner 9.


Comparison between SPAIDEN in Banner 8 and Banner 9.


Comparison between SSASECT in Banner 8 and Banner 9.


Comparison between GZRCSSQ in Banner 8 and Banner 9.