SSASECT - Comparison of Banner 8 and Administrative Pages

In Banner 9 Admin Pages, SSASECT has a few key changes. Below is how the page appeared on INB:

And here is its updated appearance on Banner 9 Admin Pages:

The first changes to notice are in the selection field (1). This information is no longer editable once a course has been selected. To make changes to this information, you will have to click “Start Over” (2) or use keyboard shortcut F5.

Two other important changes to the top of the page are the More Information (1) option and the Related (2) button. When selected, More Information will provide some additional information relevant to the form – in the case below it shows additional requirements for LAW courses and Outreach information:

If the Related button (1) is selected, it will list all screens that are related to the subject of this form – for SSASECT this is the term and CRN. This list of screens can be searched (2) and any screen listed can be opened with a single click. Note that these screens will open on top of SSASECT, so you once you have finished working with an opened screen, you can close it via the X in the top-left corner or the keyboard shortcut ctrl + q to be brought back to where you were on SSASECT.

Besides these changes, the fields are still the same across Banner 9 Admin pages and Banner INB. One main difference is the readability of the screens. One good example is the Reserved Seats page of the Section Enrollment Information tab. Here it is in Banner INB:

Note that in Banner 9 Admin Pages the fields are now in rows rather than individual boxes:

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