SPAIDEN - Comparison of Banner 8 and Administrative Pages

All pages in Banner 9 Admin Pages look slightly different than in Banner INB. Here is SPAIDEN in Banner INB (note that depending on your access this page may have different fields present):

Here is SPAIDEN in Banner 9 Admin Pages:

Major differences to note between the two screens have been highlighted with red circles. First, the screen layout still includes the same fields as in Banner INB (1) but they are now arranged in a vertical stack instead of a tile. Another change in Banner 9 Admin Pages is the “Related” button (2).

Clicking this button will pull a list of screens that link to the current screen, as shown above (1). This example links directly to GUASYST with more information on Joe Cowboy. Also note that opening a related screen will not take you out of your current screen. Once you are done on the related screen you can click the X in the upper left or use the shortcut ctrl +q to close it and your previous screen will still be open behind it.

Also note on this page that the last change will be displayed at the bottom (1). This will include date, time, and the user. You can also commit your changes with the Save button (2) or F10.

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