GZRCSSQ - Comparison of Banner 8 and Administrative Pages

All pages in Banner 9 Admin Pages look slightly different than in Banner INB. Here is GZRCSSQ in Banner INB (note that depending on your access this page may have different fields present):

Here is GZRCSSQ in Banner 9 Admin Pages:


  1. This is the same as the ID field in Banner INB. However, in Banner 9 Admin Pages, you cannot change your selection by editing this field. You must click the green “Start Over” button on the right-hand side of the screen instead.
  2. These windows are all the same as their INB counterparts, but are stacked vertically instead of tiled. If you can edit any of these fields, they will be displayed as white text boxes against the red background. Four options on the right-hand side of each window will allow you to insert, delete, copy, or filter contents of the window depending on allowances.
  3. This line in Banner 9 Admin Pages will show you the field you currently have selected from the screen.
  4. This button will change depending on your permissions. In this example, the Save (F10) button will commit changes made here.
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