SFAREGS - Comparison of Banner 8 and Administrative Pages

All pages in Banner 9 Admin Pages look slightly different than in Banner INB. Here is SFAREGS in Banner INB:

Here is SFAREGS in Banner 9 Admin Pages:

The fields are consistent between Banner 8 INB and Banner 9 Admin Pages for the initialization page, SOADEST. The “…” icon to the right of each field in Banner 9 Amin Pages serves the same purpose as the dropdown arrows in Banner 8 INB, which provides a list of potential entries.

The close hotkey (Ctrl + Q) or the close/exit button (1) will move forward to SFAREGS in both instances.

The following image is SFAREGS in Banner 8 INB.

The corresponding screen in Banner 9 Admin Pages has been split into two screens. The Term and ID information at the top can be found on its own screen:

After inputting this information and clicking “Go” (Alt + Page Down) the remaining information appears.

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