How to Customize Your Personal Menu

You can use My Banner to create shortcuts to screens you frequently use. From the home page, navigate to “My Banner Maintenance” or screen GUAPMNU.

The following screen will provide you with a heading labeled “Type,” a list of Objects on the left, and Object Selection on the right. Changing the “Type” (1) will give you different object lists, and you may need to explore these lists to find the page you want to favorite. The four buttons in the center of the screen (2) can be used to choose which objects you want to favorite. Finally, the Object Selection (3) section will list all of the pages you have picked to favorite. Be sure to click “Save” (4) or use the shortcut (F10) to save everything you have favorited.

Now, when using Banner 9 Admin Tools, you can get to your favorites menu by clicking the menu button (1). The menu will open up on the left-hand side of the screen (2). You should see “Applications” listed – click here. The following screen (3) will display “BANNER” and “MY BANNER” listed. “MY BANNER” (4) will provide a list of all screens you have favorited when clicked.

In this example, GZRCSSQ is the only item on the favorites list. Clicking on it here (1) will open the screen in the main window.

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