Navigating the Top and Bottom of Pages

Top of Page

  1. Header: This bar gives the name of the current open page.
  2. Related Button: This button gives a list of pages that can be accessed from this page.
  3. Tools Button: This button allows you to access refresh, print, clear record, etc.
  4. Main Block: The currently open screen will populate the rest of the page here.
  5. Go/Start Over Button: This button replaces the Next Block button. Depending on whether or not data has been fetched, this button will cycle between displaying “go” and loading the page data or “start over” and clearing page data.
  6. Add: This button allows you to add documents to Banner Document Management.
  7. Retrieve: This button allows you to retrieve documents from the Banner Document Manager.
  8. Quit: Click this or press ctrl+q to close the current screen.


Bottom of Page

  1. Next/previous section.
  2. Save button: Used if the form allows for data entry.
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