Navigation in a Form

  1. Page Header – The page header identifies the open page name.
  2. Related icon – displays a list of pages that can be accessed from this page.
  3. Tools icon – includes refresh, export, print, clear record, clear data, item properties, display ID image and other options controlled by the page.
  4. Main Key Block – the first block on most pages contains key information.
  5. Go or Alt+Page Down is the new Next Block to display information.
  6. Add – Add documents to Banner Document Management.
  7. Retrieve – Retrieve scanned documents from Banner Document Management.

  1. Scroll to next page: The “Go” button will change to “Start Over” and is the new rollback.
  2. Displays the search criteria used to access form information.
  3. Detail section.
  4. Used if the form is a data entry screen.
  5. Next/previous section.
  6. X is used to exit the form or ctrl+q.

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