Table of Contents Reports, Account Analysis Report, Inventory Report, TouchNet Deposit Detail Report, General Accounting Dashboard

Categories (5)

Budget and General Ledger Reports

Budget Details by Fiscal Year Report & Budget Details by Period Report; Budget to Actuals by Period & Budget to Actuals by Fiscal Year Report; General Ledger (GL) Balances Report

Other Financial Reports

Contract Statuses Report

Procurement and Payment Services Reports

Cash Advance Report; Expense Report Information; Invoice Status Report; P-Card Transactions Report; Procure to Pay Report for Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts Segment Report, Natural Account Crosswalks

Grants Management – Awards and Projects

Project Committed Costs Details Report; Project Expenditure Details Report; Project Expenditure Summary Budget to Actuals Report; Project Expenditure Summary Report; Project Financial Summary Report; Project Information Report

Articles (4)

Account Analysis Report

How to navigate to and schedule the account analysis report. Formatting the report for use using the account analysis pivot macro. Reading the Account Analysis Report.

General Accounting Dashboard

Navigating the General Accounting Dashboard. Recommended uses to review actuals data or budget to actuals data.

Inventory Report

How to access and interpret the Inventory report. This report is used by Asset Management for the two-year rolling inventory review process and can be utilized by departments throughout the year to view and track their assets.

Searching for Finance Transactions

This guide will cover the different areas that information can be looked up in and what may be the difference in why a user will need to access one location versus another.