Business Intelligence (BI): Analytics & Reporting

The Business Intelligence area is where you can find Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) on the Reporting Table of Contents, Business Intelligence and Data Visualizations and Restricted Financial Reports Dashboards

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Financial Management Reporting

Table of Contents Reports, Account Analysis Report, Inventory Report, TouchNet Deposit Detail Report, General Accounting Dashboard

Business Intelligence and Data Visualizations

Change Default Currency Settings in Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, BoT Quarterly Budget to Actuals YTD by Organization, BoT Quarterly Budget to Actuals YTD by Period

Role-Restricted Reports

Information about the Reports located in the "Role Specific" Sections

Articles (3)

Pinned Article Scheduling a Report to Run Automatically

Step-by-step instructions on how to automatically schedule a report from the Transactional Reporting Table of Contents dashboard to run for large reports that take time or to schedule a report to run each week/month on a specific day.

Data Definitions Overview –Student Records Dashboard

Definitions for Student Reporting Dashboards

WyoCloud Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Basic Navigation of WyoCloud Business Intelligence Reporting.