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This report shows asset information that is stored in the Asset Management system to help end-users view assets assigned to their department and where they are located. This report is used by Asset Management during the two-year rolling inventory review process. If a department needs to dispose of an asset, the information in this report can aid in completing the Property Disposal Request (PDR) form.

To access the location of this report, the user must be connected to the UW network. If off-campus, the computer must be connected through Pulse Secure for a secure connection.  For more information regarding Pulse Secure or Duo Mobile, see the knowledge base for WyoSecure and Duo Mobile.  


Step One

Navigating to the UW Warehouse folder

  • Click into the fiscal year and file you wish to view to open.


Step Two

Interpreting and Understanding the Report

  • The file will open in excel

  • The following columns are included in the report:

Column Name

Column Description

Tag Number

Number assigned by Asset Management to tag the item

Asset Description

Description of the asset to identify what the item is

Asset Manufacturer

Manufacturer, if available, of the type of asset

Asset Model

Model name or number of the asset if available

Serial Number

Serial number of the asset if available

Date Placed in Service

The date the asset was placed in service/received

Original Cost

The original cost of the asset (what was paid)

Location Concatenated Segment

Location of the asset including various segments that have been concatenated together

Employee Name

Employee name that is responsible for the asset

Asset Key

Field used in Asset Management to determine the source of the asset (i.e., UWYO funding, Athletics, Federal, State, PPM, None)

Physical Inventory Date

Date when the item was last physically tracked and audited for inventory

Asset Number

The asset number assigned by the system for asset management

Project ID 1

Project number if project funding was used to obtain the asset

Project ID 2

Second project number if the asset was split between project funds


Organization code the asset belongs to


Step Three

Tips for Using this Report

  • This report can be used to view any new assets assigned to each department to ensure transfers are completed by following the Capital Asset Business Process Guide.

  • Departments can also use this to see if any other department on campus has a particular piece of equipment/item that they may be able to use/rent from the department instead of purchasing another item.

  • For more information regarding the Asset Process, please visit the Asset Management Website or contact them by sending an email to

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