Navigating WyoCloud Learning

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This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) provides information about accessing required training in WyoCloud Learning, as well as navigating the learning catalog.


Locating the Learning Module in WyoCloud

  • Access WyoCloud Learning within the WyoCloud system located under My Profile (1) click on the Learning (2) tile.


Accessing Assigned Required Learning

  • Once WyoCloud Learning opens, click on "My Learning" in the bottom left hand corner.

  • My Learning will display all current enrollments for a learner.
    • To view all learning including completions, clear the "Current" filter under the Enrollments.
  • Any required learning items will appear with the word required. The number of results here will indicate the number of trainings you have to complete. Click on the training you would like to complete.

Note: Course name will differ from screenshots above based on the course(s) you’ve been assigned.


Launching Assigned Training

  • Once the desired training opens, click on the launch button.

  • If the assignment is a Specialization, meaning there are multiple courses in the one assignment or there is security tied to the training, you will need to select launch on each individual course.


Self-Enrolling in Employee Training

  • You can also sign up for courses available in the Browse or Search tab.
    • The Browse tab contains highlighted training, which may include newly released training.
    • The Search tab contains all training, allowing you to search by training name.

  • To search for a specific training, click on the "Search" tab. From there, you can scroll the available offerings, or search for the training name in the search bar.

  • Within the catalog, there are Specializations and Courses. If a Specialization is available, please enroll in it. Otherwise, enroll in the available course.
  • A Specialization may have multiple activities, or courses, to complete within it.
  • Click on the course you would like to complete, and click launch.


This completes Navigating WyoCloud Learning

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