Accessing Assigned Training in Oracle Learning Cloud (OLC)

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This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) provides information about accessing required training in the Oracle Learning Cloud (OLC).


Locating the OLC Module

  • Access the Oracle Learning Cloud (OLC) tile within the WyoCloud Financial Management & HCM system. Under My Profile (1) click on the Learning (2) tile.


Accessing the Assigned Required Learning

  • Any required learning items will appear in the middle of the bar under the search bar (3). The number located here will indicate the number of required trainings you must complete. Click on the number itself above “Required Learning” to navigate to the trainings, e.g., 1 in this example.


Launching the Assigned Learning

  • All required trainings will be displayed on the enrollments screen. Select the hyperlink course title (4) to access the course. (Note whether it states Course or Specialization under the course title for the next step)

Note: Course name will differ from screenshots below based on the course(s) you’ve been assigned


  • Based on the type of training requirement (Course or Specialization), one of the two steps will need to be followed:

    • Course: To begin the training, click Launch on the first/top training item to begin (5). If there are multiple training items to complete, upon completing the first training, move down the rows to the next training and complete all training items (6). Training materials should automatically open upon selecting Launch.

  • Specialization: Different modules must be completed. Start with the first module by clicking Launch (5, 6).

  • Then select View Offerings (7).

  • Then select Enroll (8). Upon enrollment, all self-paced items will display.

  • Select Launch (9, 10) on the offering. All training items must be completed to obtain a completion status within your transcript.    


This completes the Accessing Assigned Training in OLC process

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