All guides pertaining to time, absence (leave) entry as well as payroll (direct deposit, payslips, W-4).

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Pinned Article Salary Emergency Leave with Pay Time Entry (COVID-19)

Creating a time card for the purpose of entering emergency leave relating to COVID-19. The first date in which Salary Emergency Leave with Pay can be taken is March 15, 2020 the final date the code will be available is April 30, 2020. This process utilizes the time card feature within HCM and applies to both exempt and non-exempt benefited employees.

Accessing Your Online W-2

How to access the electronic version of your W-2.

Adding/Editing Direct Deposit/Payment Methods for Payroll

This guide will cover how to add additional payment methods or edit existing payment methods for payroll/paychecks.

Entering Time in HCM

Entering time on the Time Card.

On-Call Time Entry

Creating a time card and entering on-call time into the card in HCM. Many of the steps in this guide remain the same as general time entry in HCM. Step three specifically outlines features unique to On-Call.

Requesting an Absence

Absence is leave granted to benefited employees (i.e. vacation, sick). Absence can be requested in advance (i.e. planned vacation) or after it has occurred (i.e. unplanned sick time.) This guide will cover steps for requesting a single day or multiple days of absence.

Requesting an Absence with Multiple Assignments

Employees with multiple assignments have more than one job at UW. These employees must enter absences through the time card. This allows employees to apply the leave request to the appropriate assignment. This guide will cover the steps for employees with multiple assignments to request leave.

Requesting Multiple Leave and/or Time Types on One Day

When requesting leave utilizing more than one leave type within a single day (ie: half day using compensatory time and half day using sick time) both leaves must be entered from the time card. Absences utilize leave accrued by benefited employees. Common types of leave are sick and vacation.

Reviewing Absence Balances

Viewing current leave balances including monthly accrual details. How to project future potential leave balances.

Reviewing and Editing Your W-4

How to view and edit your W-4 for tax withholding from your paycheck.

Updating Payroll W-2 Delivery Preferences

Accessing and updating your document delivery preferences for payroll documents such as your W-2. This allows you to elect for documents to be delivered electronically. Electronic delivery of documents such as your W-2 allow you to access them more quickly than mailed copies.

Viewing Payslip/Paystub

How to view payslips/paystubs for all completed payroll periods to view all details contributing to a paycheck such as gross pay, net pay and deductions.