Requesting an Absence with Multiple Assignments

This guide will cover:

  • Employees who have multiple assignments must enter absences through the time card.  This allows employees to apply the leave request to the appropriate assignment. 
  • Employees with multiple assignments have more than one job at UW.  In order to accrue leave, one of these assignments must be benefited.
  • Absences utilize leave accrued by benefited employees.  Common types of leave are sick and vacation.

This guide details the steps for completing this process as a benefited employee with multiple assignments.

If you are a benefited employee with only one assignment, you will need to enter your leave via Absence.  See Entering Absence Quick Reference Guide.


Step One

Navigate to the Time and Absences section of WyoCloud HCM from WyoWeb.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display.  Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on My Profile to expand, then click on Time and Absences.

  • From the Time and Absences page, click My Time Cards.

  • The Existing Time Cards page will appear.  To enter an absence record, a time card must be created
  • Previously started time cards will appear, by default the last 5 time cards will display.  To see other timeframes or favorited time cards, you can use the drop down.
  • You may re-open a timecard by clicking on the card’s date range.


Step Two

Add a new timecard.

  • To enter an absence record, a time card must be created.  If a time card has not yet been started for the timeframe you’d like to enter an absence, click +Add.

  • The Add Time Card page will appear.
  • First, use the calendar icon to select the Sunday of the week you are trying to create a absence entry for.


Step Three

Enter Absence.

  • Under Entries, click +Add.

  • To enter an absence record, first select the benefited Assignment Number from the drop down.

As a benefited employee, your benefited assignment will be your primary assignment, frequently assignment number with no - # at the end.  In the example below, E119907 is a benefited assignment and should be selected. E119907-2 is a non-benefited assignment. 

Note: After selecting your assignment number, the department auto-populate based on the assignment selected.

  • After selecting your Assignment Number, select the appropriate Time Reporting Code for the leave from the dropdown.
  • If the leave type is not in the list provided, type the first few letters into the field and the system will search for it.

  • Use the calendar icon to select the date for which you’d like to enter time.  Click outside of the calendar to close it.

If you would like to enter time for multiple days at once, select all desired dates on the calendar prior to closing the calendar.  To enter time for multiple days at once, all time must use the same assignment number, time reporting code and be the same number of hours per day.

  • Enter the number of hours of leave requested (per day) in the Quantity field.
  • Comments regarding the leave can also be entered if desired.
  • Once all fields are complete, click Ok.

  • After entering the absence hours, in the upper right-hand corner, select Save and Close.

  • After the time card is saved, both the reported time and absences will go to the appropriate parties for approval prior to the next pay cycle.


You have completed the steps to Entering an Absence as an employee with multiple assignments.

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