Add Absence with Multiple Campus Assignments

This guide will cover:

  • Viewing current leave balances and status of leave requested.
  • The steps for submitting an absence request for approval when you are a benefited employee with multiple assignments. Employees with multiple assignments have more than one job at UW (or a secondary on-call assignment).
  • Absence is leave granted to benefited employees (i.e.: vacation, sick). Absence can be requested in advance (i.e.: planned vacation) or after it has occurred (i.e.: unplanned sick time).

This guide details the steps for completing this process as an employee.

After the November 2020 Quarterly Update, employees with multiple assignments can now request leave directly within absences instead of using the timecard which improves the ability to enter the request in advance.


Step One

Navigate to the Time and Absences section of WyoCloud HCM from WyoWeb.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display.  Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on My Profile to expand, then click on Time and Absences.

  • There are multiple ways to request an absence, however it is recommended you first click Absence Balance to review available balances for the absence type you plan to request.


Step Two

Review available balances.

  • The Absence Balance page will display.  Here you can see the current amount of leave you have available for all leave types you are eligible for. 
  • You can click on the name of each leave type to view a more detailed breakdown of when earned leave was accrued as well as leave which has been taken as well as project potential future leave balances.  For full details see the Reviewing Absence Balances Quick Reference Guide.

Note: Accrual balances as of the current date as long as all taken leave is in the absence system. Balances are calculated at the end of the month that they are earned in. You cannot use your monthly earned leave accrual in the month earned.

  • To begin requesting leave, click on Actions to expand.  Then click Add Absence.


Step Three

Create an absence request.

  • The Add Absence page will appear.
  • First use the drop down menu to select the type of leave you would like to request. In this example, we will request vacation leave.

  • After the leave type is selected, additional options will populate.  Select your benefited assignment from the Business Title drop down. 

Note: Failure to toggle the selection to the benefited assignment from the default of “all” will result in an error and the system attempting to double dock your leave.  Thus it is critical to select the full time, benefited assignment from the drop down.

  • Enter the Start Date for the absence.  You can either use the calendar icon to select a date or type the date in using MM/DD/YYYY format.
    • The End Date field will default to be the same as the Start Date.  If the absence will be for multiple working days, update the End Date to be the final date you will be gone.

Note: The Duration and Hours per day will auto-populate. If you would like to schedule an absence for less than a full business day, you can override the Start Date Duration by typing in another value, which will automatically update the duration.

  • Comments and/or Attachments can be added to provide the approver with additional relevant details.

  • Return to the top of the page and click Submit.

  • The system will come back with an error if the employee is asking for more time than they have in their bank and/or are ineligible for the requested leave type.
  • If this is happens, you will need to return and enter the absence using another appropriate leave type. 
  • You will be returned to the Absences home.


Step Four

  • You can review requested absences and their current status by clicking on Existing Absences.

  • If the employee is eligible for the absence and has a sufficient accrual balance, the employee will see that their absence is Awaiting Approval in the Existing Absences section.
  • The system will come back with an error if the employee is asking for more time than they have in their bank.
  • To edit or remove an absence previously requested, click the pencil icon to the right of the absence. You will be returned to the Add Absence page where edits can be made then submitted for approval again.

Note: Absences can have various statuses depending on what part of the process the absence is in. Below are the statuses and their meanings:

  • Awaiting Approval: Absence is pending approval
  • Scheduled: Absence has been approved but has not occurred yet
  • In Progress: Absence is currently in progress
  • Completed: Absence has occurred
  • Withdrawn: Absence was withdrawn by the employee


You have completed the steps to Requesting/Entering an Absence with Multiple Assignments.

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