Review Absence Balance

This guide will cover:

  • Viewing current leave balances including monthly accrual details.
  • How to project future potential leave balances.

This guide details the steps for completing this process as a benefited employee.


Step One

Navigate to the Time and Absences section of WyoCloud HCM from WyoWeb.

  • Upon signing in, the homepage will display.  Click on the Navigator button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Click on My Profile to expand, then click on Time and Absences.

  • Click Absence Balance to review available balances for the absence type you plan to request.


Step Two

Review available balances.

  • The Absence Balance page will display.  Here you can see a summary of the leave you currently have available. 
  • You can use the Balance As-of Date drop down to toggle between your current balance and balance as of the last calculation date.  Last calculation date shows your balance as of the last benefited payroll run.  These numbers would only be different if you’ve taken leave since the last calculation.

  • You can click on the name of each leave type to view a more detailed breakdown.

Note: Accrual balances as of the current date as long as all taken leave is in the absence system. Balances are calculated at the end of the month that they are earned in. You cannot use your monthly earned leave accrual in the month earned.

  • The Plan Balance page will appear.


Step Three

Review Summary and Detail sections of plan balance.

  • In the Summary section you’ll see a breakdown of how much leave total leave you’ve accrued to the current date as well as how much you’ve taken.

  • Below the Summary section is a detailed breakdown of how this summary was obtained.
    • You may need to click the arrow to the right of Details to expand this section.

  • By default all accruals for that leave type as well as any absences of that leave type will display.  Lines labeled Periodic accrual note monthly accruals added the last day of each month.
  • You may need to click Load More Items at the bottom to see the full leave history.

  • The Details section can be filtered by using the drop down menu at the top of the section.  For example, you can filter to just see Accruals.

  • Below the Details section is a detailed breakdown demonstrating how your leave was converted between calendar years.
    • You may need to click the arrow to the right of Year-End Details to expand this section.
  • Since UW permits employees to carryover or maintain all earned absences between calendar years (up to maximums outlined in the Employee Handbook), this will always show the same amount for the end of the year and start of the following year.


Step Four

Projecting future leave potential.

  • At the top of the Plan Balance page you will see Balance As-of Date. By default, this will show today’s date. 
  • To project potential future balances of this leave type, click the calendar icon.  Then select the date in the future you’d like to project leave as of.

Note: Projected Leave assumes all factors of your employment and accrual rate remain the same.  It does take into account leave which has been requested in the future if it has been entered into HCM.

  • After selecting a future date your balance summary and details will update below. Note, since UW applies absence accruals once monthly, a date in a future month must be selected to see an increase in accrual.

You have completed the steps to Reviewing Absence Balances and Projecting Future Leave.

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