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Accounts & Passwords

Help with your UW account.

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UW Alert

UW Alert is a new text messaging notification system designed to keep the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Wyoming informed during emergencies.

Special Accounts

Information about special computer accounts that can be used for outside consultants, individual employees of cooperating agencies, or for shared use by University faculty or staff (by sharing the account password*).

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Can I select or change my UW Username and Email address

In most cases, the username that is generated for you will remain the same during your association with the University of Wyoming.

Change your UW Password (From a UW owned Computer)

Your UWYO domain account is the account that you use to access WyoWeb, UW email and to log on to your UW office computer or the UWSTUDENT lab computers. Therefore, changing your UW domain account password will change it for all of these services at once.

How do I get a UW username and password?

Information on how to find your UW username and password.

UW Alert: General Information

All the information you may want about UW Alert

UW created accounts for students

Accounts are created for students enrolled with the University of Wyoming that they can use while attending the university.

What happens to my UW account and email when I leave employment of the University?

Information on what happens when you use the university