Current Timeout Limits Associated with the services through WyoWeb

Each system accessed through WyoWeb has a separate inactivity timeout limit based on the service being used. Below are the current inactivity limits for each system. If you access one of these systems but you are not actively using them, your system will timeout and you will be logged off.


Office 365 Email: 6 hours
WyoRecords: 1 hour
WyoCourses: 8 hours
WyoGroups: 8 hours
Internet-Native Banner: 1 hour
Human Resources: 1 hour
PeopleSoft Financials: 4 hours
PeopleSoft HRMS: 1 hour


The Single Sign On (SSO) functionality has a timeout period of 1 hour of inactivity. The inactivity is based on logging in and accessing a system and not activity inside one of the systems. For example, a user logs into WyoRecords at 8am, their SSO session has a limit of one hour and will expire at 9am. If, at 8:30, the user then goes and accesses email, this is activity in the SSO system and the time-out is extended by an hour and will now expire at 9:30. The limits on the SSO functionality do not impact the timeout limits of the individual systems listed above.

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