Special Account Frequently Asked Questions


Which Type of Special Account/Group Email is right for you?


Departmental or Individual Special Account

Email Only Account

Departmental Alias

Distribution List

Office 365 Group

Network Access


Separate Mailbox that all email for this address goes to – if individuals lose access the emails are not lost




Can send out emails from this address



Can directly manage access

Through password sharing

Admin can manage


IT manages the access to the email



Can see separate mailbox from a mobile device


Through Outlook Web App

Emails are distributed to individual member’s mailboxes




Ability to moderate  emails posted to the address


Includes a calendar





$10.00/month $4/month None None None
Service Page Departmental Account
Individual Account
Email Only Account Department Alias Distribution List Office 365 Group


Are there guidelines for naming a special account?

For any special account, alias, or other such accounts where the customer has the opportunity to choose a name for the account, some basic guidelines should be followed. The purpose of this policy is to eliminate confusion and to ensure that account names match functional purposes.

  1. The name of any account should be related to its intended purpose. Examples provided below are not exhaustive for all account types that are available through Information Technology. The examples are provided to illustrate appropriate naming approaches only.

    • A departmental special account for the College of Engineering's Accounting Department
      Appropriate name: EngAcc
      Naming restrictions: account names are limited to 8 alphanumeric characters or less; no special characters may be included in the name

    • An email only account for an introductory COSC class
      Appropriate name: COSCINTROCLASS
      Naming restrictions: there are no character limitations; the name may contain special characters

    • A departmental alias for the Accounting Office department’s manager
      Appropriate name: ACCTMGR
      Naming restrictions: there are no character limitations; the name may contain special characters

  2. If an account has both a name and a display name they should match as closely as possible.

A special account named LIBTRAIN for The Library's Training Center
Appropriate display name: Library Training Center
The display name may contain spaces and does not have a limitation on the number of characters.

Information Technology reserves the right to deny any request. IT will work with the customers to determine appropriate naming schemes.


Is a person who is not paid by the university eligible to receive a UW account?

Academic Affairs developed a process for the request and review of the following types of Academic Affairs appointments: Adjunct, Academic Affairs Special, Researcher, Visiting Faculty, Lecturer, and Off Campus Program (Outreach).  These accounts are full accounts with email and network access.  Approved accounts are free to the department.

Each College Dean’s Office is aware of the process to follow to request one of these accounts. Contact your College Dean’s Office for further information.

Personally paying for a special account

UW special accounts cannot be paid for by personal means. UW special accounts will be included in each department’s monthly telecommunications bill.

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