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Information about resetting your password, accessing your UW account, UW special accounts, and UW alerts.

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Password Reset

Various ways to change UW domain password

Password Strength

A strong password is your first and best line of defense. Please be aware that simple passwords like common words, names or dates, while easy to remember, are insecure and could put your account at risk. Moreover, weak passwords could expose not just your data, but any UW information and/or services you have access to. Remember, it's not just the value of what you do or don't have, but what can be done in your name. For more information on creating a strong password please visit CSI:UW Episode 2 (

Locked Accounts

Changing your password can cause your account to become locked and mobile devices that connect automatically to email or wifi try to connect with your old password. Locks will release automatically after 15 minutes or you can call the Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1 to release the lock.

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