UW Alert Frequently Asked Questions

UW Alert: a text messaging notification system designed to keep the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Wyoming informed during emergencies via cellphone and email. 

How to sign up for UW Alert

  • Automatically: If you provided your cell phone number during class registration, that information is fed to the UW Alert system automatically every day. If you already have an account nothing changes, but if you do not have a UW Alert account one is created for you. 
    • When an account is created for you an email with your username and password is sent to your university email address.
    • There is a slight delay between signing up and when your account is active: Registration information is automatically entered the following day at 6:00 AM. So if you register on a Monday, after 6:00 AM, you will have a UW Alert account created on Tuesday at 6:00 AM. 
  • Manually: If you would like to immediately be enrolled into UW Alerts or are not registered for classes but would still like alerts, click this link for instructions on how to self-register.


Adding or Changing Cellphone Numbers and Email Addresses

The UW Alert system allows for up to three phone numbers and email addresses each. You may add an email address or phone number in their respective sections or edit existing contact information. Follow the instructions below to sign in to your account and add or edit contact information.

Follow this link to sign in to your UW Alert account on GetRave.com (Username will be your UWYO email address.)

Once signed in you will see your personal account information:


Cost of Text Messages

Alerts are sent as simple text messages (SMS). Each alert will count against your cellphone service plan's total allotment of text messages. If you do not have a service plan which includes text messaging, you may be charged an additional fee per each SMS alert, by your service provider. Please refer to your specific provider and plan for details.


UW Alert Originating Numbers

There are two numbers from which valid UW Alerts will originate from. These numbers are 67283 and 226787. If you like, you may add them to your phone's contact information in order to quickly identify them. 


The Security of Your Contact Information

Your contact information is secure:

  • Information is shared only between the University of Wyoming and Rave Wireless, the provider and host of the UW Alert system. UWYO pays for this service from Rave Wireless in order to ensure total the control of the information provided-- Rave Wireless does not resell your information. 
  • Electronic Access and Storage: Encryption is employed for both electronic access through the website (HTTPS protocol) and in the storage of your information.
  • Physical Access: Servers and storage devices are located in physically secure commercial data centers. 


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