Office 365 Account FAQs

How long do I have access to my account?

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduates and graduate students have access to their office 365 e-mail account throughout their enrollment.  Should a student take a break or stop enrolling in classes, they will lose access to their account.  

"What happens if I take a semester off?"  

  • Students who are taking a semester off should enroll for an hour of continuing registration to maintain their library and email access.
  • If students go 2+ semesters without enrolling at all, they will need to re-apply to the University through the admissions online process to be able to resume taking classes.  More information can be found here

Staff and Faculty

Staff and Faculty have access to their office 365 e-mail accounts throughout their employment with the University of Wyoming.  Staff and Faculty members will lose access to their account following the last date of their employment.  

What happens to my office 365 account (e-mail and applications) after I graduate?  

Undergraduate and Graduate students retain their office 365 e-mail address for 12 months after graduation.  Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, etc) will be removed upon graduation.  

What happens to my office 365 account when I leave or retire from the University?

UW Staff and Faculty who leave the university will lose access to their UW e-mail accounts and Office 365 applications on their last date of employment, unless they are a board retiree.  

Do retirees have access to office 365 accounts?  

Board Retirees retain access to their office 365 e-mail accounts.  They must request access to retain their Office 365 apps after retiring.  The request form can be found HERE.  No other retirees will retain access to their office 365 accounts after retiring.  

How much e-mail storage do I have with office 365?  

UW Office 365 e-mail accounts are granted a default storage of 49.5GB for the entire account.  


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