Finalizing Candidate Reference Reports & Interpreting the Results

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This guide details steps using HCM Recruiting Cloud Access.

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If you do not see the steps in this guide, your HCM Recruiting Cloud Access Training is most likely incomplete. If you are a member of a Search Committee, please contact to have this training assigned.

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The steps in this guide describe how to finalize SkillSurvey reference reports, download/print reference check responses, accurately interpret data, and update the search matrix document appropriately upon finalization of reference checks.

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Once an Employment and Staffing Partner initiates reference checks, the candidate’s status in WyoCloud HCM will be updated to Reference Check, In Progress.

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The candidate is provided 24 hours to enter information for their four professional references into the SkillSurvey web-based system. References then have 48 hours to enter their candidate evaluations to comply with University hiring protocols that limit reference check inquiries to 72 hours.

Section One: Finalizing Candidate Reference Reports


Step One

Hiring Application Navigation

  • After logging in to WyoCloud HCM, click on the My Team module tab in the top taskbar.
  • Click on the Hiring application.

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Step Two

Search Job Requisitions

  • After you have clicked on the Hiring application, the Job Requisitions page will populate.
    • The Job Requisitions page will show all previously submitted job requisitions.
  • Enter the 6-digit Requisition Number in the search field to locate the desired Job Requisition.
  • Once the correct Job Requisition is found, click on Applications on the right-hand side of the position title.

Screenshot 2


Step Three

Screening Information

  • The Job Applications page will populate, listing all the applicants for the position.
  • Click on a Candidate’s Name to review their Screening information.

Screenshot 3


  • Click on Screening in the Navigation Menu on the left-hand side.

Screenshot 4














Step Four

Accessing Background Checks

  • In the SKILLSURVEY section under Background Checks, click on View Results to be rerouted to the SkillSurvey website.

Screenshot 5


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Depending on your computer settings, you might need to Enable Pop-Ups on your browser window if you are not immediately rerouted to the SkillSurvey website.


Step Five

Finalizing Reference Reports

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  • A Ready to Finalize pop-up window will appear; click on Yes, Run the Report.

Screenshot 7


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Please note that once the report has been finalized, this action cannot be undone.

Step Six

Downloading Reference Reports

  • After finalizing the report, click on the Download icon in the upper right-hand corner to download/print the information.

Screenshot 8


  • A Download Report pop-up window will appear. Check all the boxes, and then click on Proceed.

Screenshot 9


Screenshot 10


Section Two: Interpreting the Results


Step Seven

Candidate Reference Report Data

  • The Candidate Reference Report will provide both quantitative and qualitative data results.
  • The candidate’s Overall Quantitative Score is highlighted in the Predictive Analytics section.
    • Ideally, the candidate’s Overall Quantitative Score would be in the Proceed (16th - 99th) percentile.
    • Candidates with Overall Quantitative Scores that fall in the Caution (1st - 15th) percentile warrant further evaluation.

Screenshot 11


  • The Competency Summary & Behaviors section analyzes the components that formulate the candidate's Overall Quantitative Score.

Screenshot 12


  • The Comments section represents the qualitative aspect of the Candidate Reference Report.
  • In this section, references can share any specific Work-Related Strengths about the candidate and identify any Work-Related Areas for Improvement.

Screenshot 13


  • The Authenticity Scan section analyzes the IP addresses of the references, noting if there are any duplications.
    • For instance, multiple references are employed by the same Company with the same IP Address as shown below: West Texas A&M University. This is a common, unavoidable scenario in recruiting.
    • However, further evaluation would be warranted if duplicate IP addresses are detected and the companies listed are different entities or if the candidate's IP address matches.
      • Please email an Employment and Staffing Partner with questions and concerns at

Screenshot 14


Step Eight

Updating the Matrix

  • After reviewing the Candidate Reference Report Data, input the evaluation of the reference report contents in the reference check column on the final information tab of the matrix.
  • Comments/Written Evaluations provide supporting justification for candidate selections.
    • Comments/Written Evaluations should elaborate on a candidate’s work-related strengths regarding critical position competencies and identify work-related areas for improvement that assist managers in creating an employee development plan if the candidate proves to be a viable hire and top scorer.
    • Please see the example below, highlighting quantitative and qualitative data from the Candidate Reference Report.

Screenshot 16



This completes the steps to finalize SkillSurvey reference reports, download/print reference check responses, accurately interpret data, and update the search matrix accordingly.



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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Talent Acquisition at

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For additional information, please visit Talent Acquisition’s webpage: SkillSurvey Information, Checking References.


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