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How to Find 32 or 64-Bit Apps on Macs

In June 2018, Apple announced that macOS Mojave (10.14) will likely be the last release to support 32-bit software applications. If Mac users upgrade beyond Mojave and have 32-bit applications installed, those applications will no longer open. This article helps you find the 32-Bit applications that are running on Macs so that they can be replaced with the 64-Bit versions.

How to Wipe a Mac and Reinstall macOS

This article provides step-by-step instructions for backing up and securely wiping a Mac, and then installing a fresh version of macOS.  This is useful if the Mac is being given to another user, or if the machine is not performing well and a clean reinstall would be helpful.

Installing nmrPipe/Draw for OS X

NMRPipe is an extensive software system for processing, analyzing, and exploiting NMR spectroscopic data. This web page contains NMRPipe installation files, as well as demo data with example processing and analysis schemes.