How to Find 32 or 64-Bit Apps on Macs


In June 2018, Apple announced that macOS Mojave (10.14) will likely be the last release to support 32-bit software applications.  In anticipation of this move by Apple, in August 2016 Microsoft created a 64-bit version of its Office apps for Mac, but depending on where the client downloaded Office for Mac from, it’s possible that they installed the 32-bit version.  Clients may continue running their 32-bit applications as long as they do not upgrade their OS to anything newer than Mojave.

The following on-screen 32-bit alert, which run only once for each eligible application, will pop up when a client attempts to open a 32-bit application on a Mac that no longer supports 32-bit software.  








To check which applications on a Mac are still running 32-bit versions, see the following procedure.



  1. Click on the Apple Logo on the top left side of the screen


  1. Click on “About This Mac” from the Apple menu


  1. Click on the button marked “System Report” on the bottom left of that window


  1. Scroll down to the “Software” section in the left-hand pane


  1. Click on “Applications”


  1. Locate the column headed “64-Bit (Intel)” in right-hand pane on the top right.  You may need to widen the System Reports window and/or drag some column dividers toward the left to make the 64-Bit (Intel) column visible.


  1. Click on the 64-Bit (Intel) heading to put the list of applications into ascending order.  The 32-bit applications (if there are any) will be at the top of the list.  Each will be marked “No” in the 64-Bit (Intel) column. 


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