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Survey System

Information on the UW Survey System

Website Guidelines

Any University of Wyoming (UW) entity, including colleges, divisions, departments, affiliates, faculty, staff, and recognized student organizations (RSOs) are entitled to a website on the UW central web servers.

Student Web Services

University of Wyoming students with a current UW Domain account are entitled to a UW student website on the UW central web servers.

UW DNS Web Name Hosting

DNS (domain name service) Web name hosting allows you to request a Web site on the UW central Web servers that does not follow the UW standard Web site naming convention ( Through the DNS Web name hosting service, the UW Web servers are setup to allow requests to come in for a third level domain name or a domain name outside of the UW domain name scheme entirely and route them to the correct location for processing within the UW network.


SSL stands for secure sockets layer, a technology used on the Internet to transmit online communications in an encrypted form. A digitally secure communications channel is established between the server (Web site) and the client (your computer and Web browser), after which all data passed between the two is encrypted. The encryption and decryption process is provided by the use of digital signatures, and determining whether a Web site is what it says it is can be ascertained by using digital certificates that are signed by a Certificate Authority acting as a trusted third party.

Content Management System (CMS)

Institutional Marketing maintains a knowledge base for CMS Help and Support and provides you with detailed, step-by-step how-to's for everything from creating your new site from scratch, to adding hyperlinks broken down into categories for easier retrieval.

Web Browser

Information on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari

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Access Your Web Share through WyoSecure VPN

UW Web Search KB

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