Access Your Web Share through WyoSecure VPN


  1. Login to WyoSecure at Please also remember to log into WyoSecure with your username, not your
  2. Enter the sharename of your website into the browse bar in the upper right corner of the WyoSecure window. (For example: if you normally FTP in with, you will have a share name of\\\test$)

    WyoSecure browser window

  3. You will now be directed to a page where you can see the contents of your website. If you would like to bookmark your website so that you can see it immediately after logging into WyoSecure, please click the Bookmark Current Folder Icon in the upper right corner under the browse bar.

    WyoSecure browser window

  4. On the following Add Windows Bookmark page click the Add Bookmark button. After bookmarking, you will see a link to your website on your WyoSecure home page under Files in the bottom left of your browser window.

    WyoSecure browser window
  5. After connecting to your share you can upload, delete, and create new folders with the buttons above the list of files on your website.

    WyoSecure browser window


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