Email distribution lists are a convenient means of contacting large groups of people.

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Adding subscribers through the Web Interface

Information on how to add subscribers through the web interface

Changing maximum message size

Information about changing maximum message size

Create a Text File Containing the Members of a List

Information about creating a text file containing the members of a list

List Moderation

Information on how to add moderators who can approve postings, requiring approval for list members to post to the list, viewing the requests requiring approval, allowing a member of the list, a non-member, and anyone to post on a moderated list without requiring approval, and turning on emergency moderation for a list

List of subscribers

Information about how to get your list of subscribers

Open and closed subscription/unsubscribe policies

Information about subscriptions/unsubscribe policies

Prevent Automatic Replies from Postings to Mailman Lists

Sometimes messages are inadvertently posted to a Mailman mailing list, such as when "Automatic reply" messages are generated as out-of-office message responses to a post to a mailing list. This procedure will prevent "Automatic replies" from being posted to a list and cause them to be deleted immediately.1

Removing subscribers through the web interface

Information on how to remove subscribers through a web interface