Accounts & Passwords

Services for your UW account, special accounts, administrative accounts, and computer domain accounts.

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Categories (2)

UW Special Accounts

Request the creation, modification, or deletion of a UWYO special account. Additional Email accounts, network access accounts. These accounts can be billable to the requesting department.

Administrative Accounts

Request access to Administrative Systems.

Services (7)

I need to change the password for my UW account.

Information about how to reset your UW account password.

My UW account is locked

Methods for getting your UW account unlocked.

I would like to change my UW username.

This is how you can request that your UW username be changed.

I need a computer added to the UW domain.

This is the process for adding a computer to the UW domain.

I want to have an active directory organizational unit created or I wanted to be added to an existing OU.

Manage your department's resources and also participate in the university-wide Active Directory domain.

I want to opt out of the password reset tool

Request to be opted out of the Password Reset Tool, so you will no longer get reminders when logging in.