My Recently Visited Services

Information on how to connect to internal UW resources from off-campus.

Departmental laptops and tablets provided for their own students to check out for use during a class semester.

To request a research data storage allocation with the understanding that ARCC will provide each project with a 500GB initial allocation. Usage beyond 500GB will be charged at the rate of $100/TB/year.

Make requests for security changes to buildings and doors or building security reports.

Steps for troubleshooting Internet connection problems and form to submit connection problems.

Departmental laptops and tablets provided for their own students to check out for use during a class semester.

Users who access HRMS, PeopleSoft, or UW financial information remotely need two-factor authentication for that access to be secure. All customers who access employee self service have access use two factor authentication to get into self service.

If you are having an issue with the Banner Administrative system, report it here.

Requests for individual or multiple cards produced in the WyoOne ID Office

UW researchers whose cloud storage needs exceed the restrictions of other available options (more than 1 TB total, or files larger than 10 GB) can request for their UW account to be given access to Google Workspace for Education. When Google Drive is accessed using a Google Workspace account, the maximum storage is unlimited and the file size limit is 5 TB.

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

Reporting a suspicious email

Get an estimate created for services.

Request to be opted out of the Password Reset Tool, so you will no longer get reminders when logging in.

How to get help in a computer lab

If you are experiencing problems, something not working or how to use technology, in the classroom, Classroom Technology Support (CTS) can help

The Information Technology Service Center and ResNet are services that Information Technology provides to help students, faculty, and staff with personal computers and mobile devices.

Requesting help with malware or antivirus on a computer

Temporary replacement of PI, PEC, or EC

Information about how to reset your UW account password.

Information on how to request access or purchase software.

IT Maintenance has certified technicians to provide Warranty Assistance and Parts/Labor services for institutionally-owned computers and laser printers.

This is how you can request that your UW username be changed.