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Request a reserve a DHCP address for a server.

Manage your department's resources and also participate in the university-wide Active Directory domain.

Request an account for UW Poll Everywhere.

University of Wyoming researchers often have collaborators from other institutions who need access to Mount Moran in order to contribute to the project. To gain access to ARCC resources from off campus (i.e.; using the VPN), non-UW researchers need to obtain a External Collaborator account.

Information on how to connect to internal UW resources from off-campus.

Steps for troubleshooting Internet connection problems and form to submit connection problems.

If you are experiencing problems, something not working or how to use technology, in the classroom, Classroom Technology Support (CTS) can help

Request a server to be made accessible from off-campus.

These accounts are $10.00 a month for a minimum of 6 months billed through your IT Telecomm bill. Request to create or changes to UW departmental accounts that include email and domain access.

Request changes to UW accounts that are only email accounts.

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

Installing Microsoft Office on a UW owned computer

Request changes to vendor VPN accounts that allow domain access.

This is the process for adding a computer to the UW domain.

Information Technology provides assistance when problems occur with administrative applications.

Information about computer labs on campus

Request a change to website space quota

Request website traffic be redirected

Request to create or make changes to UW Special accounts for Individuals.

Information about how to reset your UW account password.

Methods for getting your UW account unlocked.

Creating, modifying, or deleting university purposed websites

Trouble shooting and requesting help when experiencing problems with your email

Changing permissions for non-CMS websites