My Recently Visited Services

Request changes to an existing SharePoint Site

Requesting help with printing problems

To request a research data storage allocation with the understanding that ARCC will provide each project with a 500GB initial allocation. Usage beyond 500GB will be charged at the rate of $100/TB/year.

If you are having an issue with a department application, report it here

Make requests for security changes to buildings and doors or building security reports.

Requests for individual or multiple cards produced in the WyoOne ID Office

Information to request quotes on computers from Dell or HP.

Information and request form to delete a distribution list from the mailman system

If you are experiencing problems, something not working or how to use technology, in the classroom, Classroom Technology Support (CTS) can help

This is how you can request that your UW username be changed.

This program provides free access to the full versions of Microsoft Office to enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

Request any changes to a department application here. Also, if you have a new application that will be supported by the department applications group, you can request help with setting it up here.

This service is a custom service created for the Ehanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI).  Only staff of the EORI should use this service to request help for computer and technology issues.

Offers swipe issue support for all WyoOne issued IDs

Requesting help when experiencing problems downloading software

Get assistance in viewing your Employee IT Billing Statement

Any other issue with 4HOnline which isn't covered in the above options. Remember to provide as much detailed information as possible.

Information on how to connect to internal UW resources from off-campus.

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

WyoCloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is used to build budgets by budget managers across campus. This document outlines the process of requesting campus user access to this system.