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Check out software media, the disc used to install the software, from the front desk of the ITC.

Use this to request cluster wide software installations. It is not necessary to use this to install software within your own project allocation.

How to request software for computer labs on campus

Software can be requested to be added to departmentally owned computers across campus.

Submit request for assistance with installing or using software.

Help with antivirus software

Central software storage departmental campus wide

Requesting Trimble software (Pathfinder Office, GPS Analyst, TerraSync, GPScorrect)

Training on Microsoft and Adobe Software.

Information about software for students at educational discounts

Purchasing Microsoft software for a UW owned computer

Requesting SAS software

Requesting help when experiencing problems downloading software

Requesting SPSS software

This service is for installation of software specific to the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI).  Only EORI staff should use this service for requesting software from UWIT.