Request the creation, modification, or deletion of a UWYO special account. Additional Email accounts, network access accounts. These accounts can be billable to the requesting department.

Services (7)

Departmental UW account

These accounts are $10.00 a month for a minimum of 6 months billed through your IT Telecomm bill. Request to create or changes to UW departmental accounts that include email and domain access.

Domain Only Account

Request a Domain Only (Authentication Account) special computer account

Email Only Account

Request changes to UW accounts that are only email accounts.

Individual UW Account

Request to create or make changes to UW Special accounts for Individuals.

Special Account Deletion

Request deletion of a special account

External Collaborator

University of Wyoming researchers often have collaborators from other institutions who need access to ARCC resources in order to contribute to the project. To gain access to ARCC resources non-UW researchers need to obtain an External Collaborator account.

Vendor VPN Account

Request changes to vendor VPN accounts that allow domain access.