Popular Services

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

Make requests for security changes to buildings and doors or building security reports.

Request to create or make changes to UW Special accounts for Individuals.

Information on and request form for a professional alias

Request to add Internet of Things (IoT) device to the campus wireless network.

These accounts are $10.00 a month for a minimum of 6 months billed through your IT Telecomm bill. Request to create or changes to UW departmental accounts that include email and domain access.

Request to be opted out of the Password Reset Tool, so you will no longer get reminders when logging in.

This program provides free access to the full versions of Microsoft Office to enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

Departmental laptops and tablets provided for their own students to check out for use during a class semester.

This service is for University of Wyoming board retiree's who would like to install Office 365 ProPlus onto their local computers.  Simply click on "Request Access" and fill out the request form.  UWIT Software Services will verify the eligibility of the account and if eligible process the request and contact you with installation instructions.

Changes to a production service include increasing provisioned resources for an existing service, as well as requesting a service to be placed into production.

This is how you can request that your UW username be changed.

Web CMS Level 1 online course and CMS training site request

Purchasing Adobe for a UW computer

Request any changes to the Banner Administrative system here. This includes changes to reports or the back end programming of the system.

Report issues with access in administrative system accounts, not listed above, to the Application Security Office (ASO).

Request access to the primary Administrative Systems.

Requests for individual or multiple cards produced in the WyoOne ID Office

Requesting updated permissions on a departmental alias

ImageNow is a document imaging program used for scanning or “imaging” a document and saving it to a shared file/directory.

Offers swipe issue support for all WyoOne issued IDs

Request changes to UW accounts that are only email accounts.

Steps for troubleshooting Internet connection problems and form to submit connection problems.