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The Academic Support Unit (ASU) is a part of Client Support Services. We provide computer support for UW students. The Academic Support Unit is made up of four full-time staff members and approximately 70 students. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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UWStudent Remote Lab System

The UWSTUDENT Remote Lab System is a collection of lab computers that are designed to be accessed from a remote network connection. The remote lab computers have an identical configuration to the UWSTUDENT lab computers found on campus.

UWStudent Profile

Your personal profile is what stores your individual settings in Windows. This includes everything from your background to your network drive mappings to the words you tell Microsoft Word to ignore when you spell-check your papers.

Cookie Management on UWStudent Lab Computers

On UWSTUDENT lab computers, these cookies are stored in your personal profile and take up space. Your profile space is limited, so it may become necessary for you to remove your cookie files at some time to free up space.

UWStudent Lab System Classfiles

Classfiles is a file storage location that provides instructors with space to save course related materials for their students to access.

Check Out Equipment

Information about equipment checkout


Questions regarding payments and allowing parents access to pay can be found here.

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Adjust How Java Cache Files are Handled in the UWSTUDENT Labs

In the UWSTUDENT labs, some students may experience problems with Java cache files causing them to go over quota on their personal H: drive storage. Unfortunately, the program does not allow Information Technology to correct this problem automatically. However, students can now adjust how their Java cache files are handled to help prevent this problem.

College of Engineering Computer Resources

Knowledge base article pointing to CEAS computer resources information page.

Kumo: The University of Wyoming’s One Drive Connection Service

With Kumo an individual’s OneDrive account can be mapped and automatically reconnected across campus for easy access and expanded storage. Use this step-by-step guide to map or un-map your UW OneDrive through KUMO.

Logging Off Our Lab System

Directions on how to sign out on the new Windows 10 Lab system

Multimedia Stations and Equipment for Checkout

Located in the ITC, the Central Student Technology Committee has funded digital camcorders, still cameras, and accessories that can be checked out for your recording needs.

Who Can Access the UWSTUDENT Remote Lab System?

The remote lab is currently available to students, faculty, and staff with UWYO domain accounts. Faculty and staff use of the remote lab system should be limited to activities that are related to class preparation and course development. Use of the software packages on the remote lab system for faculty and staff research related purposes is prohibited.