OMR Instructions

If OMR Program is not already running, double click the Remark icon on the desktop. 

If the icon is missing click on the Start Window in the bottom left corner of the screem / type Remark Classic OMR Data Center / or select Remark Classic OMR Data Center, and click.



Orient forms uniformly, feather to reduce static cling, load answer keys (on top) and exams into scanner with skunk marks towards the display panel:



Make sure scanner is on and display shows “Count:”

Template file Name    Description

UW-4521.rco               Blue five response, keyed on Student ID number

UW-4521_Class.rco     Blue five response, keyed on Class code

UW-4521-Name.rco    Blue five response, keyed on Student Name

UW-6703.rco               Green ten response, keyed on Student ID number

UW-6703-Name.rco    Green ten response, keyed on Student Name                       

Properly scanned sheets.


In the event of a scan error, read the Description carefully.  You will usually have to move the last scanned sheet from the exit bin to the infeed platten.  Make corrections or adjustments, then click “Yes” on the Scan Session window.


Use the Up and Down buttons on the scanner to move the platten to the desired location (usually Down).

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