My Recently Visited Services

Request a change to website space quota

Information to request quotes on computers from Dell or HP.

Information on and request form for a professional alias

Get assistance in viewing your individual Telecom Bill as well as apply a payment to your account.

For general requests for work on Departmental Systems

Request to be opted out of the Password Reset Tool, so you will no longer get reminders when logging in.

Methods for getting your UW account unlocked.

Create a Wyocast Request to recording classes, lectures, special speakers, and events.

Information about installing Mathematica.

Request changes to vendor VPN accounts that allow domain access.

Information and requesting adding a printer to Print Press

The Information Technology Service Center and ResNet are services that Information Technology provides to help students, faculty, and staff with personal computers and mobile devices.

Any other issue with 4HOnline which isn't covered in the above options. Remember to provide as much detailed information as possible.

Requesting help with Banner, ImageNow, HRMS, PIStol, Advance, and Blackboard.

Use this to request cluster wide software installations. It is not necessary to use this to install software within your own project allocation.

IT Maintenance has certified technicians to provide Warranty Assistance and Parts/Labor services for institutionally-owned computers and laser printers.

Request a new departmental cell phone or phone upgrade to your Verizon device.

Get assistance in viewing your individual telecom bill.

Use this form to request a course from a previous semester be reopened.

Software can be requested to be added to departmentally owned computers across campus.

If you are experiencing problems, something not working or how to use technology, in the classroom, Classroom Technology Support (CTS) can help

The UWSTUDENT Remote Lab System is a collection of lab computers that are designed to be accessed from a remote network connection.

Use the UW Survey Tool to create and analyze survey data without installing additional software on your computer.