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Requesting additional group storage

These accounts are $6.50 a month for a minimum of 6 months billed through your IT Telecomm bill. Request to create or changes to UW departmental accounts that include email and domain access.

Request to be opted out of the Password Reset Tool, so you will no longer get reminders when logging in.

Use the UW Survey Tool to create and analyze survey data without installing additional software on your computer.

This program provides free access to the full versions of Microsoft Office to enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

Request any changes to the PISToL Financials application here. This includes changes to reports or the backend programming of the system

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

How to increase your print quota

Information to request quotes on computers from Dell or HP.

Request any changes to the ImageNow imaging application here. This includes changes to reports or the backend programming of the system

The Information Technology Service Center and ResNet are services that Information Technology provides to help students, faculty, and staff with personal computers and mobile devices.

Request cloud storage for Zoom recordings

Installing Microsoft Office on a UW owned computer

If you have a UW account connect to UWyo wireless network. If you are a guest to UW use UWguest. If you are visiting from a participating institution use eduroam.

Giving someone else access to your calendar

If there are charges on your Telecom Statement that need to be changed to a different Budget.

Changes to a production virtual machine include increasing provisioned resources for an existing production virtual machine, as well as requesting a new virtual machine to be placed into production.

Trouble shooting and requesting help when experiencing problems with your email

Install Microsoft Office Suite using Office 365 -- Free to students, faculty and staff