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How to use the 3D printer

This is the process for adding a computer to the UW domain.

Requesting help with malware or antivirus on a computer

Requesting help when experiencing problems downloading software

Use the UW Survey Tool to create and analyze survey data without installing additional software on your computer.

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

Information on how to connect to internal UW resources from off-campus.

Requesting a storage allocation for a research project

This program provides free access to the full versions of Microsoft Office to enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

Information about how to reset your UW account password.

Departmental laptops and tablets provided for their own students to check out for use during a class semester.

Ask any questions about the WyoRecords website here.

University of Wyoming researchers often have collaborators from other institutions who need access to Mount Moran in order to contribute to the project. To gain access to ARCC resources from off campus (i.e.; using the VPN), non-UW researchers need to obtain a External Collaborator account.

Request any changes to the PISToL Financials application here. This includes changes to reports or the backend programming of the system

Use this form to request a non-academic course shell. These shells are used for not-for-credit courses that often have non-UW collaborators.

Requesting help with Banner, ImageNow, HRMS, PIStol, Advance, and Blackboard.

Request any changes to the DegreeWorks system here. This includes changes to reports or upgrades of the system.

Central software storage departmental campus wide

Request to create or make changes to UW Special accounts for Individuals.

Requesting information about general training questions

If you are having an issue with a library application, report it here