Software Support & Licensing

Software available to UW faculty, staff, and students, including Microsoft, Adobe, Office 365, Statistical software.

Categories (4)

Purchasing and Licensing

Information on how to request access or purchase software.

Software Support

Submit request for assistance with installing or using software.

Student Software

Software available for students to use on their personal computers.

Computer Setup and Rebuild

Setup new machines or rebuild old ones

Services (9)

Apple Developer Request

If you have code that needs to be submitted to Apple through UW, or updates to a UW Apple App, request it here

Install Microsoft Office Suite using Office 365 -- Free to students, faculty and staff

Install Microsoft Office Suite using Office 365 -- Free to students, faculty and staff

Library Administrative Systems Request

Request for issues on Library Administrative Systems.

Software Media Check Out

Check out software media, the disc used to install the software, from the front desk of the ITC.

Software Training

Training on Microsoft and Adobe Software.

Centralized Software Distribution

Central software storage departmental campus wide

EORI Computer Issue

This service is a custom service created for the Ehanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI).  Only staff of the EORI should use this service to request help for computer and technology issues.

EORI Software Request

This service is for installation of software specific to the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI).  Only EORI staff should use this service for requesting software from UWIT.

Central Management of Windows Updates on Servers using SCCM

Purchase a subscription to have Microsoft updates to your server installed automatically.