Services related to using Omni CMS (Content Management System) including assistance with user accounts, training, and editing website directories.

Services (9)

Institutional Marketing Website Help site

This is the main support page with resources and guidance for using the UW website CMS.

New Web Directory Request

Please submit this request if you would like to request a new website directory. This can be for an entirely new directory, a change from a central (non-CMS) site to a CMS site, or a change from a CMS site to a central (non-CMS) site.

Omni CMS New Site Author Training

Enroll in Omni CMS site author training here. Completion of training is required before having access to Omni CMS.

Omni CMS Online Tutorials

This is the main support page for Omni CMS webpage editing FAQs and training tutorials.

Omni CMS Site Editor Access Request

After completing Omni CMS new site author training, you can request a new Omni CMS account here.
If you are already an Omni CMS user, you can request an update to your site directory access here.

Site Author Virtual Open Lab Appointments

Sign up for an appointment for virtual one-on-one assistance from a CMS administrator.

Site Owner Change Request

This CMS Site Ownership form is where you can update your CMS Site Owner information.

Omni CMS Help

I need assistance using Omni CMS to edit my website.