Information and ability to request for WyoCourses

Services (14)

Delete Test Shells

Use this form to request that a TEST course that you created in the past be deleted.

I need help with WyoCourses.

Requesting help with WyoCourses

LTI Integration Request

Request an LTI integration be considered for WyoCourses or WyoLearn.

Reopen a Closed Course

Use this form to request a course from a previous semester be reopened.

Request an Incomplete Section

Use this form to request a course be set up for a student who has taken an Incomplete and needs to finish the course.

Request Concluded Course Access

Use this form to provide another instructor with access to a course shell from a prior semester.

Reset/Clear Course Content

Request that a course shell be reset and all content removed.

Adding Supplemental Instructors

How to add supplemental instructors

Request Shell Increase

Increase Shell storage

Combine Course Shells

Request to combine courses

Request a Test Shell

Requesting a test shell

Request a WyoGroup

Request a group

Add or Remove Group Leaders to a WyoGroup.

Adding or removing group leaders

Request Additional Group Storage

Requesting additional group storage