Teldesk & IT Billing

Requests and Support for phones, data port activation, and IT billable items.

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Coordination and servicing of Campus wide data and telephone service as well as University statewide services including requests for any phone, data, voicemail changes or moves.

IT Billing

Instructions to view and pay IT Billing statements for Administration, Affiliates, Employees, and Students. Billing Coordinator information and request form.

Services (4)

Billing Coordinator Update

If you are a new Billing Coordinator for a department and need Budget access.

Budget Change Request

If there are charges on your Telecom Statement that need to be changed to a different Budget.

Expenditure Corrections

If there are charge(s) on your Telecom Statement that need to be corrected to a different Budget.

Help! My services aren’t working correctly!

Request assistance with your services not working correctly. Such as: Headsets, handsets, cords, broken jacks, etc.