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Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

This program provides free access to the full versions of Microsoft Office to enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

The Information Technology Service Center and ResNet are services that Information Technology provides to help students, faculty, and staff with personal computers and mobile devices.

Request any changes to the Banner Administrative system here. This includes changes to reports or the back end programming of the system.

Request access to the primary Administrative Systems.

Request to create or make changes to UW Special accounts for Individuals.

Requesting a new distribution list

Purchasing Adobe for a UW computer

Information on how to connect to internal UW resources from off-campus.

Request changes to UW accounts that are only email accounts.

This is the process for adding a computer to the UW domain.

Information about creating, modifying, or deleting departmental storage

Information to request quotes on computers from Dell or HP.

Information about software for students at educational discounts

Request an account for UW Poll Everywhere.

Use the UW Survey Tool to create and analyze survey data without installing additional software on your computer.

Reporting a suspicious email

Purchasing Microsoft software for a UW owned computer

These accounts are $6.50 a month for a minimum of 6 months billed through your IT Telecomm bill. Request to create or changes to UW departmental accounts that include email and domain access.

How to request software for computer labs on campus

Request deletion of a special account