Change Manager for Direct Reports - DHR

This guide will cover:

  • How to use Manage Direct Reports to complete manager changes. 


This guide details the steps for completing this process using Decentralized Human Resources Representative WyoCloud access.


It is critical when a manager leaves UW that their direct reports are changed to another individual to ensure proper processing of approvals. This must be done PRIOR to submitting the termination.

Although manager changes can be completed via other methods, it is highly recommended DHRs utilize this process as it follows the most efficient approval path.

Step One

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, navigate to My Workforce using the Navigator bar in the upper left corner.

  • First click My Workforce to expand, then select Person Management within the navigator.

Step Two

Once the desired employee has been located, hover your cursor over the employee’s name and click on the orange oval with the three white dots that appears to the right of the employee’s name.

  • If the employee appears multiple times, they have multiple assignments.  Ensure you select the correct assignment.

Step Three

A pop-up window will appear with the employee’s information.

  • On the left side is a series of menu options.
    • Select Personal and Employment
    • This will open an additional context menu to the right, click on Direct Reports.

Step Four

  • Enter the effective date in “When do these changes start” by clicking on the calendar icon.
  • Select the most appropriate option from “Why are you making these changes?
  • Confirm "What's the way to make these changes?" is set to Manager Change.
  • Click Continue.

  • Under the Reassign Existing Reports, check the box to the left of each employee whose manager needs to be changed.  If all employees need to be changed, you can Select All at the top.

Locate and select correct Manager under "Search for people to add as reports."

Click on Continue.

  • Add any relevant comments and/or attachments (i.e.: manager change due to employee leaving university).
  • Click Submit.